Work with a partner as dedicated to hospitality and service as you are


You need a shift manager who can heat things up in the kitchen. You’ll never get through the summer rush without more boots on the ground. You’re looking for desk clerks who can be true brand ambassadors. You want housekeepers who put carelessness to bed. Don’t worry. Snelling can help.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent addition to your team or temporary help to cover a special project or a peak season uptick, Snelling has the experience, knowledge and connections to meet your needs. We’ve been matching great hospitality talent with great companies for more than 65 years.

Our process involves a thorough interview and assessment that includes eVerify to ensure all Snelling employees have the legal right to work in the United States. We also conduct background checks and verify previous employment, experience and references.

Just as important, we understand every business is unique, that’s why we offer custom workforce solutions to meet your hospitality staffing needs.

Direct Hire Staffing

Finding talented, well-qualified employees who are the best long-term fit for your company requires considerable time and financial investment. Free up your internal resources and leave the search to us. Snelling has the knowledge, resources and expertise to quickly identify the best-fit candidates for your company. By engaging us, you and your colleagues can focus on other aspects of your business. Want to know more? Read: Meeting Direct Hiring Needs with a Staffing Firm.

Temp to Hire Staffing

Snelling actively recruits candidates who are seeking direct hire positions with our clients. When it’s time to expand your workforce, Snelling makes it easy to evaluate promising candidates in a temporary capacity before making a final hiring decision. To learn more about the benefits of this approach, read Why You Should Follow a Temp to Hire Model.

Temporary Staffing

Today, there can be many strategic benefits to leveraging temporary rather than full-time employees—most notably, significant cost savings. To learn more about flexible staffing, read The Cost of Temporary Staffing vs. The Cost of Full-Time Employees.

Whether you need one person or an entire team of star performers, additional manpower at one location or multiple locations in several states, Snelling is your trusted resource for candidates who can hit the ground running. We can even manage your flexible staffing plan to save you time and money.